Since 2008 the team at LIVING Magazine has been helping companies serving customers across south west France. By featuring businesses in a magazine that is loved and cherished by the local community we have created a win-win situation: readers receive quality, well-researched articles accompanied by unique local photography, while our advertisers welcome new clients.  And everything is produced to the highest production standards.

The dominance of the internet and social media in recent years has challenged many print titles but LIVING has found its niche and developed with it, developing as the population of English speakers in Nouvelle-Aquitaine has steadily grown. This region of France is now home to 25% of UK nationals living in France as well as many other nationalities for whom English is a second language. With nothing similar in the French marketplace,  LIVING is a firm favourite with locals too!

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Do you know? 25% of British nationals living in France live in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the number is increasing with new arrivals following Brexit.


LIVING Magazine is brought to you by a dedicated team of professionals….

Publishing Editor

Victoria Jackson is the Editor of Living Magazine from the April May 2024 issue.

Feature Writer & Photographer

Roger Moss works closely with Victoria, planning and producing LIVING’s travel and lifestyle features. He worked as a graphic designer and copywriter in advertising until a parallel career in music gave him a taste for travel. He’s since devoted many years to photographing and writing about France. A former editor of ‘Everything France’ Magazine, Roger joined the team in 2012.

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